Yaw Damper Bracket – ALSTOM

Positioned between the bogie and the car body, the yaw damper bracket ensures vehicle stability on high-speed trains. The 3DMP® WAAM process also makes it possible to adapt the component at short notice during the printing process, depending on requirements.

Load Collar
Load Collar

Propeller – Wilhelmsen

The 3DMP® WAAM process enables fast and flexible procurement of the near-net-shape blank of such a propeller. Subsequent changes can be made directly to the component, eliminating the need to produce new molds.

Load Collar – Siemens Energy

As part of a Siemens Energy SGT5-2000E heavy duty gas turbine, the Load Collar is located in the critical downstream area. The robust design ensures an optimum stress curve for LCF and HCF. Using the 3DMP®-WAAM technology, the production process can be improved and 80% of the material can be saved.

Load Collar

Bellmouth Intake inside a Pressure Device – Erbud Group (IKR)

The bellmouth intake is a component that is approved according to the AD 2000 regulations. By using the 3DMP®-WAAM process, delivery times and material costs are significantly reduced.

Secondary Roll Stop – Deutsche Bahn

The secondary roll stop is a mobility relevant component in the bogie area of ICE trains to ensure safe passage of trains in tight curves. The box gate limits the lateral play of the car body. 3DMP® enables fast and flexible procurement of the near-net shape blank as required.

Wheelset Bearing Cover – Deutsche Bahn

The wheelset bearing cover is on the priority list of parts relevant to availability, the absence of which can cause vehicle downtime. In contrast to the casting process, 3DMP® cab procure this component quick and flexible.

Gearbox Housing – EMAG GmbH

For various reasons, production by casting or milling is not economical. 3DMP® offers advantages such as weight-optimized production with steel, near-net-shape production and cost-effectiveness from lot size 1.


The impeller is used as a turbocharger for marine diesel engines and is produced conventionally by machining. With 3DMP®, fast, flexible and just-in-time procurement of the near-net-shape blanks as required.

Sheet Metal Cutting & Forming Tool

The production of the base body and blade made of different materials takes place in one production step. Compared to conventional manufacturing methods, casting and milling, 3DMP® offers a considerable time advantage.

Hot Forming Die – Schuler

Current challenges in the production of such components include the hardening process after mechanical processing and the sealing between the segments. The 3DMP® process is used to overcome these challenges.

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