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conventional manufacuturing vs. 3DMP WAAM Technology

Innovation meets efficiency

  • Cost efficiency
  • Wide range of materials
  • Reliable quality
  • Independence of supply chains
  • Short lead times
  • Design freedom

Tailored exactly for you

Benefit from the modular design of the arc80X. It is the key to efficient and economical production and allows you to put together exactly the machine you need for your requirements. And, of course, you can upgrade
and convert it if you want to implement new functions. Why not start with the economically attractive basic version of the arc80X, test your first applications and then decide how you want to expand your ­production system?

arc80X - tailored exactly for you

Your path of buying a machine

A partnership-based process with our experts

The best employees for your
manufacturing success

It is our aim to enable you to immediately maximize the benefits of your ­machine. Our offer to you: Our experts will take care of the more in-depth tasks of component production using WAAM. That way you can get started immediately, even without your own team of specialists.

Man in front of WAAM machine
2 people standing in front of a metal printed part

Your steps to success

  • Getting to know the technology
  • Component screening
  • Profitability analysis
  • Benchmark projects
  • Qualification processes
  • Support with the business case analysis
  • Development of suitable visions
  • Diverse financing models


3-axis machining: Production of metallic components up to 8.0 m3 with a maximum mass of 8000 kg.

5-axis machining: Production of metallic components up to 1.1 m3 with a maximum mass of 500 kg.

arc80X with 3 axis component

Are you interested in a particularly
cost-effective, fast and innovative production method?