WAAM technology

The 3DMP® Process Chain

3DMP® combines the technically mature and highly reliable arc welding method with the CAD data of the metal parts that are to be produced. The interface between the planning data of the engineers and developers, on the one hand, and the arc-welding machine, on the other hand, is our bespoke software that takes the CAD data and converts them into individual digital printing layers, the so-called CAM models. Then, the blank part is printed fully automatically and in a controlled manner. This step is followed by a 3D scan for quality control and finally the milling of the finished part.

Arc Welding

In conventional welding, an electric arc is used to join metals. We make full use of our extensive expertise and the advantages of this mature technology in order to offer the layered printing of several metal layers in a fully automatic, digitally controlled and easy to use manner.

Wire instead of powder

3DMP® uses wire as the starting material.
Compared to powder, wire offers the following advantages:

  • Nearly 100 % material utilization
  • Easy storage
  • Low material costs
  • Easy handling
  • Optimum processability
  • Greater diversity of materials

From the warehouse directly into the 3D printer

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