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17th – 18th Sep 2018

Lecture at the DVS Congress, Friedrichshagen (Germany)

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18th – 22nd Sep 2018

Exhibitor at AMB – International exhibition for metal working, Stuttgart (Germany)

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19th – 20th Sep 2018

Lecture at the Conference on Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace, Bremen (GER)

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20th Sep 2018

Lecture at the 21st ÖGS Workshop “Metal Addtive Manufacturing”, Wels (Austria)

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25th – 27th Sep 2018

Exhibitor at the TCT Show, Birmingham (UK)

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01st – 05th Oct 2018

Represented by ISOTEK Czech s.r.o. at MSV Brünn, Brünn (Czech Republic)

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02nd – 04th Oct 2018

Represented by ISOTEK SP. z o.o. at Toolex, Sosnowiec (Poland)

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9th – 10th Oct 2018

Exhibitor at the Construction Equipment Forum, Hannover (Germany)

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10th Oct 2018

Exhibitor at the 5th RUHR-Symposium ” Functional Materials for AM”, Duisburg (Germany)

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07th – 08th Nov 2018

Lecture at the exchange of experience for supervisory staff within aerospace and  technological products, Berlin (Germany)

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13th – 16th Nov 2018

Exhibitor at formnext  International exhibition and conference on the next generation of manufacturing technologies, Frankfurt (Germany)

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28th – 29th Nov 2018

Exhibitor at the MIC 2018, Hannover (Germany)

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14th – 15th Mar 2019

Lecture at the 3rd Additve Manufacturing Forum Berlin, Berlin (Germany)

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Press review

August 2018

Engineering Review:
GEFERTEC supplies 3D printer for research project in aircraft construction

3D Printing:
GEFERTEC’s 3DMP® process creates prints with metal wires

Understanding GEFERTEC’s patented 3DMP® process for metal 3D printing

3D Today:
3D printer performs test in aerospace using arc welding (Language: Russian)

July 2018

3D Printing:
GEFERTEC’s wire-feed 3D printing process being developed for aerospace

Metal AM:
Bremer Institut investigates Gefertec’s 3DMP® arc-based Additive Manufacturing for aerospace

The technology of 3D printing and the new prospects for shipping (Language: Greek)

3D Today:
In SPbPU a 3D-printing technology is developed by using a method of electric arc growing (Language: Russian)

June 2018

Wire additive technologies: innovations and traditions in a single product (Language: Russian)

Metal AM:
Rolf Lenk GmbH adds GEFERTEC GTarc System to its service offering

3D Printing News:
3D Printing News Sliced, Nano Dimension, GEFERTEC, Huisman, BigRep, GE Additive

Press Archive

May 2018

The World 3D Printing 2nd & 3rd May 2018

3D Today:
Wire for addtive technologies: innnovations and traditions in a single product (Language: Russian)

April 2018

Aerospace Manufacturing:
Aerospace sector ready for GEFERTEC Additive 3DMP® technology

GEFERTEC reports on the cost savings offered by its 3DMP® Additive Manunfacturing technology

GEFERTEC presents GTarc machines for additive production (Language: Czech)

the fabricator:
GEFERTEC’s GTarc machines use 3DMP® AM to produce metal parts

GEFERTEC introduces GTarc Additive Manufacturing machines

GEFERTEC introduces GTarc Additive Manufacturing machines

January 2018

Wire instead of powder

Metaal Nieuws:
GEFERTEC machines combine 3D printing and machining (Language: Dutch)

A company file about GEFERTEC (Language: French)

December 2017
Extremely large format 3D metal deposition from GEFERTEC

Additive Manufacturing:
Advantages of wire over powder in additive manufacturing

Metal AM:
GEFERTEC introduces 3DMP technology with new GTarc AM machine series

November 2017

3D Metal Printing:
Metal printing based on arc welding

The Fabricator:
Additive manufacturing technology uses wire instead of powder

October 2017
Print near-net-shape metal parts up to 100 cubic feet and 3.3 tons

Make Parts Fast:
Produce metal additive parts in lot sizes of 1

Siemens uses GEFERTEC’s 3DMP® metal 3D printing technology in electric motor factory

IEN Europe:
New Addtive Manufacturing technology

Industry today:
Additive Manufacturing technology produces metal parts economically as of lot size 1

September 2017

3D-print magazine:
Première GEFERTEC GTarc 3D metal printers on EMO (Language: Dutch)

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