Recorded Webinar

Alex – head of our application center – is presenting our wire- and arc-based additive manufacturing process highlighting the economic efficiency of the procedure used and the possibility to manufacture components additively with up to 60 percent of cost savings.

Happy Easter 2020 with 3DMP®

Also in 2020 GEFEREC has come up with a little something for Easter. In this video you can see all steps of the 3DMP® process, from design to production.

The furture of 3DMP®

The first adopters of the 3DMP® talk about the possibilities and the various applications of 3DMP® that are conceivable in the future.

Cost efficiency of 3DMP®

The first adopters of 3DMP® talk about the cost efficiency of 3DMP® and the associated savings in materials, machine time and much more.

Printing process of a gearbox housing

Get an impression of the 3DMP® process chain of a gearbox housing. The 3DMP® process chain, which consists of several steps, ranges from the creation of CAD/CAM models using our 3DMP® CAM software to the actual printing process on our arc machines.

Rapidity of 3DMP®

In this video the first adopters of 3DMP® talk about the rapidity of the process and the associated time savings throughout the entire process chain.

Repair with 3DMP®

In this video the first adopters of 3DMP® talk about the possibility to repair parts with 3DMP®.

Material variety of 3DMP®

In this video the first adopters of 3DMP® talk about the various materials that can be printed with 3DMP®.

Applications of 3DMP®

In this video the first adopters of 3DMP® explain briefly what kind of applications can be printed with 3DMP®.

Shapes and sizes of 3DMP®

Learn from the first adopters of 3DMP® what shapes and sizes can be printed with 3DMP®.

The new industry standard 3DMP®

3DMP® is the bridge between both technologies, welding and 3D printing and goes far beyond the classic scope of 3D printing. We concider the 3DMP® process as the new industry standard that fuses  three established components – arc welding process, computerised manufacturing and the established user interface. Together these revolutionize 3D metal printing.

Conventional manufacturing vs. 3DMP®

3DMP® can replace all classical manufacturing and processing methods for metal parts such as forming, cutting, joining, coating, milling, turning, etc. Comparing the conventional manufacturing of near-net-shape parts for mechanical finishing, 3DMP® is certainly the most economical efficient additive manufacturing method and saves up to 60 % of the production costs.

Premiere 3DMP® Forum 2018

The premiere of the 3DMP® Forum in June 2018 was a great success with nearly 200 participants and consistently positive feedback. The 3DMP® process has been introduced as the new industry standard.

3DMP® for easter

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” – Henry Ford

The GEFERTEC arc603 and GEFERTEC arc605 machines as well as their smaller relatives are perfect manufacturing solutions for metalworking companies as well as for research and development institutions.

Wire instead of powder

In this interview, manager Tobias Röhrich explains the existing range of materials, why a new design is not necessarily indispensable, and how he imagines a fully automated additive process chain.

Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2017

The jury of 17 selected the most sustainable and most marketable innovations from the total of 134 submissions. The jury was convinced from the advantages of the 3DMP® process: “the complex powder handling  is eliminated, material utilization is optimal, standard materials are available at low cost, the build-up rate is very high at up to 600 cm3 per hour the fast and economical production of even larger parts. “

GEFERTEC – 3DMP® prozess

GEFERTEC is the first and only company worldwide that provides the market with the revolutionary 3DMP® technology that is based on modern arc welding in the form of ready-to-use production machinery.

Worl premiere in Lupburg

FIT AG, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of directly additive-manufactured metal components, is the first customer relying on the 3DMP® process and the arc605 from GEFERTEC.

The revolution. 3DMP®

GEFERTEC develops new methods for the production of metallic parts that extend beyond the limits of conventional production processes, thereby offering unique possibilities to designers, engineers and companies.

STRATUM  the 3D printed chair

The STRATUM was produced using the innovative 3DMP® process. The design in the form of a lounge chair was 3D printed in one piece and is made entirely of aluminum. The concept is to realize shapes that are more expensive or unconvertible using other manufacturing methods.