3DMP process

Instead of numerous conventional steps …
only 3 manufacturing steps:



  • Higher deposition rates
  • Greater diversity of materials
  • Improved mechanial properties
  • Large volume parts
  • Economically efficient as of a batch size of 1
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs by up to 60%
  • Reduced number of manufacturing steps
  • Maximum material utilization
  • Outstanding design freedom

Conventional manufacturing versus 3DMP®

3DMP® can replace all the types of conventional manufacturing and machining methods for metal parts, such as forming, cutting, joining, coating, milling, turning, etc.

Compared to the conventional manufacturing of near-net-shape parts for mechanical finishing, 3DMP® is the most economically efficient additive manufacturing method with production cost savings in the range of up to 60% versus conventional manufacturing.

The reduction in the process, material, investment and production costs results from the fact that 3DMP® reduces the many required conventional process steps to only 3.

From the warehouse directly into the 3D printer

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